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The Wedding Banquet in the vineyards

The Wedding Banquet in the vineyards

In times of harvest completed, or nearly so, and the arrival of the first wine fresh and bursting vitality - if not exceed - why not organize your wedding supplies in the beautiful countryside Italian wine?

Italy, from north to south, from east to west is dotted with estates, farms, farms that produce an excellent wine and a nice reception for autumn wedding you can imagine anything more beautiful than a party with the vineyards?

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Long been stripped of their fruits beautiful plants that offer the "divine drink" newlyweds and their guests will be a lovely view to enjoy the festivities of the most beautiful day, as if you were sitting at a folk festival of the harvest!

Spouses and guests can enjoy the beauty of the ancient stones of centuries-old cellars and the suggestion of possibly go to the buffet in the hall of the barrel where the wine is resting.

To entertain the adult guests, will be open sessions of the house pouring wine, with a sommelier available to their loved ones for a lesson of taste.

The wedding menu, of course, can make use of locally produced wines, which are often green, and around them, spin all the plates and dishes.

And finally, nothing better to please your guests with a gourmet candy memory of a day so special: a nice bottle of fine wine, corn naturellement!

Decorations for weddings in summer

Spring and summer are the seasons when we get married more. There are many who choose to celebrate their wedding outdoors, the beach or on board a yacht. Here are some ideas to exploit the advantages of the season.

In previous articles we have given you some ideas for decorations and decorations for your wedding depending on the season. Here we give you some ideas for decorations for weddings in the summer .

In general, the colors that predominate in the summer wedding in the summer are white, blue and orange, while the reasons are related to the beach and the sea: starfish, tropical flowers, torches, Hawaiian

But a summer wedding is not just limited to this! Take note of these tips:

The bride and groom: With the high temperatures is very likely not to dress too. Why not lean towards the "Ibiza-style" when we have to choose the wedding dress ? Fashion beach, where white linen, and dominate, will make you feel completely at ease and very "fresh"! Obviously everything must be consistent: accessories for the bride and groom, wedding ornaments and decorations, wedding menus , etc

The ceremony: as already mentioned in another article, are in fashion this year the outdoor ceremonies .Getting married outdoors in the summer, however, implies that you can run some possible risks: excessive heat and sunlight. We must be aware and take precautions, such as, for example, to place chairs and parasols at the tables next to the wedding guests.

They will give your guests a chic and there will be grateful.For those celebrating a wedding with few guests, an option not to be underestimated is to marry the shade of a large tree, from which hang small stars, bells tintinnino that the breath of the breeze or the sun-shaped mirror.Do not forget, finally, to a nearby table where there is fresh water available.

Invitations and participation of marriage and wedding gifts for the guests: fresh colors and bold, which are overridden by the orange, are ideal to be combined with motifs from the beach or sea.

The reception: The menu will be part of the scenery, especially the appetizers, which will give us the opportunity to play a lot with colors. Summer fruits, tropical and ice play a leading role in the wedding decorations. The flowers of the season , then, combined with the green, make it all even cooler. To finish in beauty and surprise the guests with an original idea, organized an "open bar" ice cream.

Set Design of thumb: If you have opted to celebrate the wedding ceremony and reception outdoors, use all the resources that nature offers. For a wedding favors on the beach, use of torches to show the way to the altar and the bride's palms as a pergola. For a wedding in the countryside, however, replaced the classic wicker chairs, put on top of white cushions.
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