Thursday, June 21, 2007

Proper Use of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are popular alternative to eye glasses. People wear them for a variety of reason: for active sport, to replace uncomfortable heavy glasses, or simply to look good. Bt contact lenses are not without their problems. They can allergy, infection, and eye injury if not used properly.

Eyes get infected and must be kept clean. So contact lenses must be scrupulously clean, and you hands must be scrupulously clean when handling contact lenses and when putting them on and taking them out. Proper use of contact lenses involves the following:

Strict Cleanliness

-wash you hands with soap and water each time before touching the contact lenses, putting them on and taking them out.

-wash the lens container throughly, first with normal saline, then with disinfecting solution, each time before the lenses are stored in them.

-change the disinfection solution in the lens container daily.

-don't touch the tips of all lens care solution containers, to prevent contamination.

How to put contact lenses properly

1.wash you hands with soap and water.

2.remove one contact lens from the container and palce it in the palm of you hand.

3.pour a few drops of normal saline over the lens.

4.rinse(by shaking) the lens in saline.

5. repeat steps 3&4 at least twice, to completely rinse off any disinfecting solution (from the container) clinging to the lens.

6. put on the lens.

7.repeat steps 2-6 with another lens.

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