Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quick tips for teenager

Friend being used

Q: Guys are always taking advantage of my best friend. They date her for a short time, use her sexually, then dump her. When I pointed this out, she got mad at me. Should I kept quiet?

A: No. don’t think you should have quiet. You are just being a very good friend to her and I hope she realize how luck she is to have you. But what you said may have come across as criticism and no one like to hear that. Also we can’t stop someone we care about doing stuff that harms them. All you can do is be very supportive and stay close to her. Reassure her constantly that you care about her and will be there for her. That way you help build her self-image hopefully to the point where she tells all these jerks to leave her alone and finds someone decent.

Pregnancy Panic

Q: Help! My partner is paranoid about getting me pregnant, it gets in the way of our fun. We do use birth control, but he still panics. How I can get him relax?

A: make sure that whatever contraception you’re using is use correctly. Read the instruction carefully. You don’t say what you use and since there are so many methods available there’s no room here to go each and every one. But condoms, for example, give at least 90 percent protection when used properly, alongside a spermicide. However, I wonder if you boyfriend is entirely happy about being sexual? It could be that’s what is really bothering him. Maybe he feels guilty about it? Try to talk more about feelings, not just about sex but about all kinds of stuff. This will help you both become more comfortable and relaxed with each other.

Meeting his parents

Q: I’m visiting my boyfriend’s family for the first time and staying for a week. I’m so nervous about it. Should I bring them a gift? How should I behave?

A: yes, you definitely take a gift. Something for the house perhaps, or flowers. That will set you off on the right path at once. Next be sure to thank them graciously for having you. Offer to help with wishing up and such, and compliment your hosts on their wonderful cooking, great hospitality and lovely home. Don’t overdo it, of course. But we all love compliment. Also listen to them. That’s the greatest compliment we can ever pay anyone. Finally when it’s over send them a nice card thank to them for their hospitality.

Itchy Privates

Q: The area around my vagina is itchy and inflamed, sometimes to the point of burning. I’m still a virgin and keep the area clean always, so what wrong’s with me?

A: there is good chance you’re experiencing a condition called contact vulvitis, which is not a sexual transmitted infection. It occurs when the vulvar skin (you external vagina area) becomes sensitive to a range of elements- from harsh soaps, perfumed toilet paper to nylon underwear. Sometimes the condition is even trigged by stress and poor diet. Contact vulvitis often clear up on its own. However, to alleviate the symptoms, I’d advice you to use a mild soap or unperfumed feminine hygiene cleanser and don’t over cleanse the area. It is important to keep the area dry all the times. Avoid harsh laundry detergents, perfumed feminine sprays and fragranced tampons or pads as they can irritate sensitive skin in the area. It’s also important to see a doctor if the symptoms persist since this condition can accompany other infections, including virginities, yeast infection and herpes.


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