Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Pimples is the layman's term for acne. This normally happen when hormone change of puberty and skin produce more oil. The conditions tend to run in family and is harmless. People with severe cases may be genuinely distressed and suffer loss of confidence. Unfortunately there is no real cure for pimples, although certain measures may help. But don't worry, it is improved as you age goes up.

Symptoms of pimples laike painful raised red spot which not be pus-filled on your face. May also appear on neck,scalp,back and upper chest. The causes of pimples was not fully unknown. Say it is concern with hormone and younger age. But most commonly causes by bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. Some say is because of overactive oil-producing in the skin. If infected a pimple may develop into boil and became pus-filled.
According to research pimples not only appear to our faces but other part of the body like Penis,Scrotum,Vulva,Vagina, Anus, Urethra,Thighs, Buttocks.

For treatment you may use Acnacyl pimple cream. It about 25g gel, contain benzoil peroxide 5%. This for acne moderation. Just apply to infected area and this is for EXTERNAL use only!

You may also buy acne management at your local store, for further treatment consult with doctor or physician.


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chris said...

Good blog post it has some very informative information.I would like to comment that I've read that certain types of acne can actually be related to intestinal problems. Many disease conditions are internal but manifest themselves externally in different ways such as boils, pimples or other skin disorders such as psoriasis or rashes.

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