Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Women carry 4 times more germs than men!

True or not it's done by Dr Mike Robe of Oxford University School of Biology, women carry 4 times more germs than men and some of them are potentially fatal.

He told The News:

"It has long been thought that toilet seats carry the most bacteria of all and that's why girls insist that toilet seats are left down so that they do not have to touch them. However, there is one thing that often harbours up to 4 times more bacteria - the humble office computer keyboard..."

Another Dr Stephanie Streptococcus, a consultant microbiologist at University College London Hospital, told BBC 4's "Woman's Hour;

"Hospital keyboards are the worst offenders because so many nurses may be in contact with just one keyboard. E-Coli, C-Diff, Hepatitis C, MRSA and Herpes have all been found to be present and I recommend that keyboards are cleaned with a good disinfectant every week and are also used with disposable gloves. Because people often eat at the keyboard, cake and chocolate can get stuck between the keys thus providing an extra food supply for the bacteria. Probably the only way to avoid this is to get the new 'Holographic Infrared keyboards' where the image is projected on the desktop. However, it is not known whether these cause cancer or even if the frequencies used to transmit the image interfere with other hospital equipment. Besides, the NHS will not be able to afford the state-of-the art equipment for at least 5 years."

For self caution health is our priority. Who ever not comply with health rules consider a germ carrier. How far this research correct, is our responsibility to be stay healthy and have a good life style.

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David Tamayo said...

I am a stickler on hand washing as a means to control transfer of disease. One thing I always do is after I wash my hands In a public restroom I use the towel that I dried my hands with to open the bathroom door with when I exit. Why clean your hands if you are going to recontaminate them with other peoples germs. I am still amazed when I see people that do not wash their hands after using the restroom. Great site!

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