Sunday, June 8, 2008


Colic, Infant Colic

When a healthy baby cries continually and uncontrollably, sometimes belting out piercing screama and drawing up both legs, he is presumed to be suffering from infant colic. However, the disorder has only been surmissed, not proven, since a baby is unable to explain what is amis.

Because colic episodes first appear between the baby's third and fourth weeks of life and go away by the end of the third month, the disorder is popularly known as three-month colic. The condition is common but harmless (occuring in 10-25 percent of babies), although it could be quiet distressing to both the baby and the parents.


  • Excessive, incessant crying or screaming episode, which last for a few hours and tend to be worse in the evenings. The baby usually draws up his leg towards the stomach.
  • Passing of wind (flatus)
  • Flushed (red) face
  • stomach looks swollen after feeding (abdominal distension)

Not fully known, although infant colic is thought to be due to:
  • A spasm of the intestines
  • excessive amounts of air swallow when feeding or crying
  • food allergy
  • hunger
  • indigestion
  • lactose intolerance
If this occur distract the baby by bathing, cuddling or changing his nappies. You can also apply warmth.

Consult to your doctor for further treatment.

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