Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maternal: Infant, Health and Disease Protection

The line of demarcation made between infancy and childhood,has always been arbitrary. I would draw the
line between the two, at a period of time which appears to me to be the
most natural, the most simple, and least likely to lead the reader into
the danger of misapplying any part of the practical directions of this article.

Infancy, commencing with birth, extends to about the end of the second
year, when the first dentition is completed.

Childhood extends from about the second, to the seventh or eighth
year, when the second dentition is commenced.

At the very beginning infant must supply by breast milk to make sure the well-doing of the child. Besides this will contribute to preserved the health both baby and the mother. Some old man say that feeding using mother's breast will contribute to family harmony and peace.

Grow Up
Life is soon extinguished in infancy. At this epoch any disease is
formidable, and must be met most promptly. It is either sudden and
active in its assaults, or comes with slow and insidious approach. The
first signs of its coming on are not always visible to an unpractised
eye: it may have made dangerous advances before the mother's mind is
awakened to its presence; and medical aid may be solicited when
remedies and advice are no longer of any avail.

The sign of disease presence could determine by the
gestures,in sleep,in the stools and by the breathing and cough. So before it go too far family members should take an prior action to prevent it happen.

In fact there is lots of baby disease like chicken pox, asthma, cold, colic, Diarrhoea,Down's syndrome, Ear infections and so on.

As a parents, preventing at early stage are very important. Baby monitoring are crucial and should refer to doctor for further inspection and treatment.

As many people say "Prevention is better than cure"

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