Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No headache anymore

Headache are common and not usually serious. Only in rare cases is it a sign of serious disease. The two most kind of headache are migraine and tension headache.

Migraine occurs more often on adolescents and young adults and in a women. It tends to run in families. Migraine causes are not fully known, but may cause by dilation of the blood vessel, food, hormone changes, stress, sudden stoppage of a coffee drinking habit etc.

Headache tension is cause by muscle tension brought by many factors; not moving the head for long periods of time, eye strain, lack of sleep, stress, cigarette smoke and many more.

I hope that you can find the solution by identifying the causes as listed above.

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I Kicked Cancer's Ass said...

I am a Stage 3B Cervical Cancer Survivor. I created a blog in an effort to raise Cervical Cancer Awareness (www.cancerlost.blogspot.com). I was 28 when I was diagnosed with advanced Cervical Cancer and my story is a long, painful & inspiring one. Cervical Cancer is not talked about but it touches the lives of every single woman out there. We need to start talking about this cancer because it is not rare and it does kill.


New Trendy said...

hi, i hope that you be strong in you life. important thing was don't ever give up. life must continue

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