Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are you shame of Bad Breath?

Bad Breath
The condition is usually due to bacteria that act on food resi¬dues in the mouth. Morning breath, however, is merely a by¬product of sleep. Bad breath is often more embarrassing than harmful, and can easily be pre¬vented with good oral hygiene. However, there may be serious causes of bad breath, such as digestive, kidney, liver, respira¬tory disorders or sinusitis (infec¬tion of the facial bone cavities), which may need medical atten¬tion.

Bad smell observed when a person exhales or speaks.
Common causes
• Poor oral hygiene. Improper flossing and brushing leave food particles on and in be¬tween the teeth.
• Morning mouth (smells that accumulate while a person sleeps).
• B Cum disease.
• Tooth abscess or decay buildup of plaque (an invisible film of bacteria).
• Sinusitis.
• Smoking.
• Certain types of food (eg cheese, coffee, garlic, onions, meat, vegetables, etc).
• Certain medications (eg anti¬histamines, diuretics, tranquil¬izers, etc).

• Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day. Brush the tongue as well.
• Drink plenty of liquids to wash food particles from the mouth.
• Use a mouthwash or breath freshener.
• Stop smoking.
• Consult a dentist if the recom¬mended remedies do not re¬move the unwanted smell.

Dentist action?
• ICheck your mouth thoroughly for dental and other oral prob¬lems and treat them.
• IRefer you to a doctor, if neces¬sary.

Care before happen
■ Practise good oral hygiene and have a dental checkup twice a year. If you wear den¬tures, be sure to brush them with toothpaste after every meal. Remove the dentures and immerse them in water while sleeping at night.
■ Blow a runny nose with the mouth open; otherwise, it may push the infected discharge into the sinuses and possibly infect them.
■ Avoid smoking.

happy reading, no shy anymore in public.

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