Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Discover and analyze health education

School Health Services is one of the main core of Healthy Schools Program. School health services and includes a health food, health care, treatment, referral and placement in classes given by the medical doctor or dentition. Medical assistant is one of job offered when you entered a medical school.

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By entering medical assistant school you will learn and pratcise some common discipline as the following.

i. Build awareness and understanding about their optimum health and health life style.

ii. To detect problems, treat and refer the case for further treatment.

iii Notify teachers and parents about the health of students stage for further treatment and follow-up actions for the special case.

iv. Prevent and control the occurrence of illness.

v. Monitoring and evaluation activities above the health of school.

Many institutions offer courses in health, but students must examine and assess the school before enroll. This is important so that no regret later in the day. You can try medical assistant because they offer a good course and support to its student.

Graduate as a medical assistance have a chance to be a orthopedic, surgical ,psychiatry, eye, Urology, Neurology and more relevant post.

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