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Hair is a crown for women 2

Part 2

Suggestions to consider for women:
�� Go short, perhaps very short for easy care and a bit more sophistication. Hair style should be
determined with face shape, facial features, personality, and life style in mind.
�� Avoid trendy hair styles, especially as you get older. They tend to call attention to age.
Over please ��
�� Irregular, subtle, or mature facial features are softened and benefit from hair styles that are
softened (curls, etc.) around the face.
�� Try bangs or some soft wispy pieces of hair across the forehead.
�� Consider a permanent to give hair some additional body and volume. When done by a trained
stylist, today’s perms are generally safe and can give a natural look.
• Hair style can camouflage some beauty dilemmas.
�� Long bangs can soften lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) and forehead wrinkles.
�� Layering hair around the face, angling at and below the chin can distract from a
wrinkled neck.
�� Layering is effective in slenderizing the face.
• Hair color should always look natural. The golden rule in hair coloring is not to go too
light or too dark. Cover gray with a shade slightly lighter than your natural color. Bleaches
chemically alter each hair strand, but do not injure the root. Hair dye works more like paint by
covering hair strands with color.
• Think about highlighting or a touch of color. Educate yourself about hair coloring before you
take the plunge. Be careful with "do-it-yourself" coloring! Initially, hair coloring is best left to
the professional; search for someone skilled in hair coloring techniques.
• Gray hair can look chic, even stunning! Keep it silver or white; avoid using blue or purple tints
as this is not natural looking. Coloring gray hair is an asset when gray hair is unbecoming with
complexion or when hair is more yellow than gray. Yellowish-gray hair is not flattering to most
• If you use a hair dryer, turn it off just before hair is completely dry. Hold blower several inches
away from hair. Allow hair to “air dry” and cool before styling.
• Curling is safest if you twist your hair into pin curls overnight. Hot rollers
and curling irons give the best results with coarse hair but may damage
strands or roots when used to excess. When using a curling iron, always roll in
the hair ends last. The safest curling for fine hair is to let it air dry and wind it loosely
around sponge rollers.
• Sleep on a satin pillow/pillow case to prevent losing hair style overnight.
• Cover hair when in bright, intense sunlight to prevent sun damage. Smoking can and does
change hair texture and color of hair.
• If there’s no time to shampoo, sprinkle with a small amount of baby powder down to the roots.
Use just enough powder to absorb grease. Comb or brush powder through hair. Don’t overdo,
or hair will look gray.

Written by: Linda Heaton, Ph.D.
Extension Specialist, Textiles & Clothing
November 1994

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