Sunday, March 27, 2011

radiation early detection and warning

Early-warning radiation detector
Berkeley Nucleonics has introduced the 951 radiation detector, a highly-sensitive monitor in a micro-sized package that discreetly detects and measures gamma radiation.

The device is the latest addition to the company’s family of precision radiation detection, surveillance and measurement products. Using new technology, responders now obtain an early warning of potentially-threatening radiation sources. Inspectors can use the nukeALERT 951 to locate radiation from behind shielding or at very low levels.

This impact resistant, water-tight instrument boasts a high sensitivity and is simple to understand and operate. It is especially suitable for non-technical users and has obvious applications in emergency response, border patrol, cargo inspection and counter-terrorism situations. Designed and built to meet U.S. customs specifications, it also enables users to protect themselves from radiation leaks and contamination, to monitor medical or environmental waste, and to maintain regulatory compliance.

The nukeALERT provides multiple screening and surveying options in a lightweight, rugged and user-friendly belt-clip device. The unit is outfitted with a caesium-iodide scintillator detector and is drop-proof to 3 feet onto concrete. The detector enables users to toggle between a stealth vibration mode or audible chirp. A dose rate equivalency chart is included in the accompanying manual for personal health and safety reference.

The unit has a bright digital display with easy to read 1-9 strength readings for the non-technical operator.
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radiation early detection and warning,Model 951 nukeALERT

Model 951 nukeALERT

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